On Demand Foundations Course

Time/Date: On Demand 12 CEUs (3 ethics) Type: Virtual
None $475.00

Is your ability to serve clients being impacted by insurer delays and denials including coverage exclusions and caps, and treatment intensity, scope, or location denials?  Get a better understanding of the legal and clinical tools you need to break through barriers to medically necessary ABA coverage and get your treatment plans approved.  

The Foundations Workshop provides a wide-ranging, practical knowledge base of essential industry issues including mental health parity, state insurance mandates, anti-discrimination laws, medical necessity requirements, drafting treatment plans, avoiding delays and denials, and prevailing on appeals.  Our goal is to give you long-term tools to successfully navigate the insurance authorization process in a variety of ever-changing circumstances.  Completing the Foundations Workshop will also give you access to our advanced seminars and materials on such topics as Insurance and Medicaid funded ABA in Schools, Communications with Funders/Per Reviews, and our Advanced Appeals Workshop. 

In Parts 1 and 2 of the Foundations Course, attorney Dan Unumb, provides a legal over-view of the laws impacting insurance funded ABA services. In Part 3, Tim Courtney, combines this legal over-view with the clinical implications for BCBA's. In Part 4, Dan and Tim, put it all together and provide some examples of denials and appeals, and answer your questions.