Library Explanation

The ALRC library contains numerous resources, from documents to law firms. There are several ways to find information in the ALRC library. Read below to learn more about the types of resources listed and how to search the library. 

What you will find in the ALRC Library:

  • Advocacy/Information/Referral Organizations
    • In each state, many organizations exist that do not provide legal services, but they offer considerable knowledge and personal experience with issues many families face. Sometimes it helps to connect with a community or talk with someone who has been there before--and who can connect you with what you need, where you live.
  •  Autism Law Summit Presentations
    • Copies of almost all slideshows and resources mentioned during Summit talks throughout the years
  • Disability Rights Organizations:
    • The listing for each state’s federally mandated Protection and Advocacy/Disability Rights office. Please see the listing for your state’s DR office, as each office has different legal priorities. Disabilities Rights only serves individuals who have disabilities.
  • Legal Aid Societies:
    • Legal Aid Societies are designed to help people who otherwise may not be able to afford a lawyer. Like Disability Rights offices, legal aid offices have different priorities, so be sure to check the listing for your legal aid society to view their priorities
  • Other Documents:
    • Cases, resources, white papers, legislation, sample documentation, etc.
  • Private Attorneys:
    • Attorneys listed in the library have agreed to be a resource and are willing to take on clients. All have experience working with individuals and families with autism.
  • State Bar Referral Services: 
    • Every state has a Bar Association licensing all lawyers in that state. Through each state bar website, you can search for attorneys in any given area of law. Some states have a referral service that will match you with an attorney based on your issue. Please see the listing for the state bar service in your state Please see the listing for your state bar service to find out what your state bar offers. To find your state bar in the library, enter the following into the search bar: (Your state name) State Bar: Lawyer Referral Service.

How to Use the ALRC Library: 

This section explains the different search criteria used in the ALRC Library.

  • Categories 
    • Search by category to find general information about a topic. Unless you filter the information by state, your search will return national information.  
  • Type: 
    • Search by type to find specific documents or a type of attorney. Unless you filter the information by state, your search will return national information. 
  • State: 
    • Search by state to find resources offered in a specific state. Unless you filter the information by category, your search will return all the resources for your state.